2018 Unbuilt Architecture and Design Awards


Peter Lofgren AIA
chair, architect, Elkus Manfredi Architects

Jennifer Brooke
principal, Lemon Brooke

Nazneen Cooper
assistant dean, Campus Design and Planning, Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Jeremy Jih AIA
founder and principal, J.Roc Design

Jhanea Williams
senior associate, MASS Design Group

Jury Overview

An important aspect of the Unbuilt Architecture and Design Awards program is that many submissions are displays of personal inquiry and not solutions to specific programs driven by a client’s needs. Projects can be totally hypothetical. The jury noted with mixed emotions that the pool of submissions shrinks whenever the economy is strong.

Two of this year’s winning projects are bridges. One is a cultural study of the indigenous Koli fishermen and the non-Koli people, exploring how they can coexist in Mumbai’s coastal urban environment. Another is a hypothetical creation of an e-waste structure located on a large e-waste landfill in Accra, Ghana. And one is a vertically stacked theater building in Seoul, Korea.