2017 Housing Design


AIA New York



Maria Hurtado de Mendoza, estudio.entresitio

Adam Snow Frampton AIA, Only If Architecture

Tamara Roy AIA, Stantec

Josh Safdie AIA, Kessler McGuinness & Associates

Jury Overview

Initially the jury was surprised to discover single-family dwellings in the same category as multifamily projects. Soon we concurred that whether designed to house one family or many, the submitted projects were all residences and could be fairly assessed as to the level of design excellence employed from concept through finish.

Going into the decision-making process, we imagined that we might be especially attracted to projects that had been challenged by a limited budget or other constraints. Creative solutions for all housing types are of the utmost value, especially considering development pressure, the urgent need for more affordable housing, and our increasingly complex urban condition.

We saw many competent examples of multifamily projects, but few were exemplary and innovative in ways that would elevate the type itself. The nine projects that we chose to honor represent more than professional design solutions to proposed problems. Each expresses design excellence through artful articulation of design principles but also purpose, practicality, and social responsibility. This selection truly represents innovative housing typologies that advance the profession. Difficult sites lead to unusual approaches. Easy transitions from interior to exterior make for more livable spaces. Unexpected moves abound.


In 2017, there were 110 entries to the Housing Design program. Any architect anywhere in the world was eligible to submit projects located in New England or New York City. Any housing type anywhere in the world was eligible if the architect/firm currently resides in New England or New York City. The sole judging criterion is design excellence as defined by the jury. Fifty Massachusetts projects and 30 New York projects, with a smattering of others located in New England, the Tri-State Area, and beyond, were submitted.