2022 Unbuilt Architecture and Design Awards


Calvin Boyd II AIA

Yasaman Esmaili
Studio Chahar
visiting assistant professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Jessie Rubenstein
founder + creative director
Marks + Spaces

Danyson Tavares Assoc. AIA
project development manager
YouthBuild Boston
adjunct instructor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Skylar Tibbits
co-director + founder
Self-Assembly Lab, MIT
editor-in-chief, 3DP+ Journal

Jury Overview

The Unbuilt Architecture and Design Award category remains unique in its ability to solicit proposals reflecting the myriad of paths our profession might traverse in both the near and distant future. Further still, it grants a diverse jury of our peers the opportunity to examine these trajectories and send a message concerning how they can be prioritized. Of the many accomplished submissions, the projects that focused on issues pertaining to equity, adaptability, community, and sustainability were undoubtedly the most compelling.

In future iterations of this award category, the jury wishes to see designs that reflect a more sophisticated understanding of material solutions, give increased attention to the intricacies of their various sites and contexts, and prioritize the process of design—community engagement, in particular—over the fetishization of form. Lastly, unbuilt work allows us to imagine the entire lifespan of a project from inception to its eventual reclamation. The winning submissions allowed us to envision that journey, and even hope that their status as unbuilt projects is short-lived.