2022 Residential Design Awards

In partnership with:
AIA NY Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN)


Darguin Fortuna AIA, NCARB
Flow Design

Timothy Lock AIA
management partner
OPAL Architecture
COTE co-chair, AIA Maine

Namita Modi AIA, LEED AP
Modi Architecture & Design LLC

Paul Schulhof AIA

Joe Stromer AIA
Joe the Architect

Jury Overview

It was truly an honor to serve as part of this year’s jury and be able to see from within both what we seek as excellence and what architects within our region are able to produce. These projects demonstrated what is possible, but also how much more can be done to achieve the highest level of design in many of the categories of the AIA Framework for Design Excellence. While most of the house submissions were set in verdant landscapes and as large-scale (and large budget) projects, we were pleased to see some precedent setting energy reductions for single family homes and experimentation. Our recommendations future submissions is not just achieving the highest level of design, but for a balance on achieving the highest level of energy reduction or creating affordable housing.

Although it did not receive an award, Westwood Housing was one of the few designs with well-conceived affordable housing and therefore deserves a mention. We hope to see more project like this in the future.