2019 Harleston Parker Medal


Paul Pettigrew AIA, jury chair
director Undergraduate Recruitment
MIT Architecture

Natasha Espada AIA
founder and principal
2020 president, BSA

Katie Flynn AIA
Hisel Flynn Architects

Vinicius Gorgati AIA

Leah Triplett Harrington
assistant curator
Now + There

Justin Kang
vice president
Economic Growth
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Nicole Martineau AIA
senior associate

Cathy Offenberg ASLA
IBI Placemaking

Ben Rosenberg PE

Jury Overview

This collection of Harleston Parker Medal finalists is all about reimagining our urban places and their potential. Even when up against community, client, or site-specific constrains, the architects featured here all buck preconceived notions about project typology to create forward-thinking, creative, and complete work.

The clients must be lauded, too. Each of the finalist projects has been conceived and executed with community purpose front of mind. During site visits activity at each was in full swing. There is beauty in architecture that sets the stage for it. These structures are vibrant, exquisite in their form, their materiality, and their craft. Their role in urban life greatly deepens and enhances that beauty.

These spaces are diverse in scale, material, program, and user yet they all point towards a richer architectural future for Boston. These 2019 Harleston Parker Medal finalists allow us to witness the future memorial, the future urban living room, the future laboratory, the future campus hub. We are heartened by these examples, the many aspects of beauty that they embody, and the many people that they serve.