2019 Education Facilities Design


Jon Alvarez AIA
director of campus planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jessica Bessette AIA
senior associate/architect

Ron Lamarre AIA

design principal
Lavallee Brensinger Architects

Mary Nardone PhD, PE
associate vice president
Capital Projects, Boston College

Jury Overview

Co-sponsored by: BSA K-12 Educational Design Committee; BSA/SCUP College and University Roundtable

Whether K-12 or higher education facilities, these award-winning projects all reflect creative thinking about learning environments. Smart programming, well-organized spaces, and the incorporation of out-of-the-box materials, playful design, or a notable palette really stood out. Whether in a neighborhood or on a college campus, context mattered. The most successful of these projects seem like they’ve always been a part of their surroundings and foster high-quality spaces that welcome all users.