2018 Honor Awards for Design Excellence


Matthew Kreilich FAIA
principal, Snow Kreilich Architects

Ernesto Ruiz-Garcia AIA
vice president, Opus AE Group

Malini Srivastava AIA
principal, Design and Energy Laboratory

Geoffrey Warner
principal, Alchemy Architects

Angela Wolf Scott AIA
principal, MacDonald & Mack Architects

Jury Overview

This awards program’s openness to all project types made for a challenging, fun, and varied review process. How does one compare a rural single family home to an international high-rise office tower?

Regardless of program, the jury sought design and execution that went beyond the competent or the expected, pushing a program type to do more than it might typically do. The jury also looked for each project’s inherent beauty and eschewed trendy or tired or too-typical gestures that make design blend in rather than stand out. The jury was mindful of restraint’s role in achieving satisfying design, appreciating that some of the smartest moves might not be immediately distinguishable—or might be no move at all.

In the end, the jury awarded nine disparate projects that they hope will catalyze fresh ideas about what architectural innovation and excellence can be.

– Jurors from AIA Minnesota