2018 Campus and Urban Planning Awards


Aaron Bruckerhoff AIA
principal, Anmahian Winton Architects

Mark Klopfer AIA
partner, Klopfer Martin Design Group

Debi McDonald AIA
project director and studio leader, JCJ Architecture

Kenneth Reardon
director, Urban Planning and Community Development, University of Massachusetts Boston

Fallon Samuels Aidoo
assistant professor, Planning; chair, Historic Preservation, University of New Orleans

Regina Yang
senior director, MASS Design Group

Jury Overview

The jury sought work that was socially, environmentally, and economically responsive and responsible, whether higher education campus or urban plan. Particularly compelling were projects that carefully evaluated potential long-term site impact on neighboring communities. The jury also considered how implementable the plan was, the quality of its execution, and whether it thoughtfully addressed edges and existing building stock. Projects that offered a fresh interpretation of community (rather than a mishmash of urban design trends and popular college campus amenities) quickly emerged from the overall body of work.

The jury recognized a total of five projects as examples of superb planning and hopes the standards embodied by these projects will lead to richer, deeper, and—most importantly—more innovative work in the fields of campus planning and urban design.