2017 Unbuilt Architecture and Design


Peter Lofgren, Elkus Manfredi, jury chair

Sara Kudra Assoc. AIA, Piatt Associates

Craig Mutter AIA, CannonDesign

Cathy Offenberg ASLA, CRJA-IBI Group

Tom Sieniewicz AIA, NBBJ

Jury Overview

A unique aspect of the Unbuilt Architecture and Design Awards program is the diversity of projects the jury reviews. This year we reviewed 59 very different entries and settled on awards for six projects. The jury was not always unanimous in support of all projects or the level of award granted to certain projects but as a group felt that many of the projects took on topics relevant to issues facing architects today. These issues include the humane treatment of refugees, improving the correctional system in New York City, reclaiming and reinventing the urban landscape, or making an architecturally political statement about the collection of personal data and the loss of personal freedom.


In 2017, 59 projects were submitted to the Unbuilt Architecture and Design Awards program. Architects, architectural educators, and architecture students throughout the world are invited to submit real or theoretical projects. Unbuilt architectural designs of any type are eligible, including purely theoretical projects and unbuilt projects sponsored by clients. Built projects or those assured of construction are not eligible.