2016 Unbuilt Architecture and Design


Peter Lofgren AIA

Lisa Hynes AIA

William Morgan FAIA

Dietrich Nuemann

Jon Pate ASLA

Jury Overview

The Unbuilt Architecture and Design Awards jury this year evaluated 56 entries, which is more that the 49 that were submitted last year. We settled on nine projects worthy of recognition. Of the nine, three received awards with three given citations and the remaining three being given honors. It took some rather intense debate amongst the jury to settle on the awards and what level of award recognition to bestow upon the selected projects

The following comments define what the jury was looking for when evaluating the designs:

  • Provocative and evocative projects and solutions
  • Projects that the jury would like to see built
  • Projects that evoke a certain level of emotion
  • Innovation is essential – looking for something unpredictable
  • Eager to evaluate a wide range of projects – “anything and everything” – no common denominator
  • Projects with interesting or unique programs

With these expectations, we present the following projects.